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Re: CD won't read contents -- Follow-up -- Solved!

Dear Robert:

So you mean the DVD uses the mpeg file system while the music 
CD has no 
real file system. And that is why its contents show up in 
File Manager?

Thank you.


I am not familiar with the inner workings of DVD file systems.
Video DVDs that I have burned have an assortment of visible files
when look at them under Windows.  I just put a DVD burner on
my main Linux box and plan to learn something about video editing
on Linux.  My Pinnacle video editing software on Windows has
great features and a great interface, too bad it crashes all the time.

You can put a data file system on a DVD and use it to back up files.
When you do this, you can see the files just like with a data CD.

Audio CD's have some other type of organization, a bit of poking around
on the web will show some good tutorials on this.  I have never managed
to do anything useful with the files obtained by pulling the files right 
off the CD with file manager on Windows.  I tend to use a ripper to
get the songs off my CD's and then put them on my MP3 player.  I can
then keep the originals in a cool dry place (my safe).

Bob Styma


Dear Bob:

Thank you for the good information.

I really don't need to rip the contents and burn them in mp3 format. I was just curious about the whole thing. Now it all makes sense. Knowledge is always better than ignorance.


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