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Re: CD won't read contents -- Follow-up -- Solved!

On Mon, 27 Jun 2005, Benjamin Sher wrote:


Dear Robert:

So you mean the DVD uses the mpeg file system while the music CD has no

dvd's have iso9660 or udf filesystems or sometimes both. data cd's have either iso9660 (orange/yellow book) or udf filesystems. pure audio cd's have pcm data divided into tracks (per the red book standard, iec 908), they do not contain filesystems. a cd can contain multiple sessions which could represent different types of data, but in general they do not.

more info can be had here:


real file system. And that is why its contents show up in File Manager?

Thank you.


I am not familiar with the inner workings of DVD file systems.
Video DVDs that I have burned have an assortment of visible files
when look at them under Windows.  I just put a DVD burner on
my main Linux box and plan to learn something about video editing
on Linux.  My Pinnacle video editing software on Windows has
great features and a great interface, too bad it crashes all the time.

You can put a data file system on a DVD and use it to back up files.
When you do this, you can see the files just like with a data CD.

Audio CD's have some other type of organization, a bit of poking around
on the web will show some good tutorials on this. I have never managed
to do anything useful with the files obtained by pulling the files right off the CD with file manager on Windows. I tend to use a ripper to
get the songs off my CD's and then put them on my MP3 player. I can
then keep the originals in a cool dry place (my safe).

Bob Styma


Dear Bob:

Thank you for the good information.

I really don't need to rip the contents and burn them in mp3 format. I was just curious about the whole thing. Now it all makes sense. Knowledge is always better than ignorance.


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