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Re: selinux-policy-targeted update is dangerous

Arthur Pemberton wrote:

From /var/log/yum.log:

Jun 27 04:25:18 Updated: selinux-policy-targeted.noarch 1.17.30-3.13
Jun 27 04:26:21 Updated: selinux-policy-targeted-sources.noarch 1.17.30-3.13

Since then things have come tumbling down here are samples of the errors:

I encountered some of the same errors as Arthur as well as the issues mentioned in the link that D. D. Brierton posted. In my case, my 'mysql' user is still around and mysql is still on the system. MySQL wasn't running at the time I took the 1.17.30-3.13 update earlier this evening....and the errors didn't cause a kernel panic for me.

I _did_ however encounter the "syntax errors" in a few processes before taking the .13 update; in fact I was looking for this update to be the one that fixed the prior errors (no joy there). So if something went awry, it might have been coming for a little while before the latest update.

The reinstallation and /.autorelabel fix posted earlier fixed everything for me. Now I can also see that the version is available via the RHN Alert Notification tool. Someone worked fast!

Appreciate the quick response, albeit perhaps not quick enough for everyone. Erik

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