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Re: selinux-policy-targeted update is dangerous

D. D. Brierton wrote:

On Mon, 2005-06-27 at 23:17 -0400, Erik Hemdal wrote:

I _did_ however encounter the "syntax errors" in a few processes before taking the .13 update; in fact I was looking for this update to be the one that fixed the prior errors (no joy there). So if something went awry, it might have been coming for a little while before the latest update.

The syntax errors were these?

invalid context system_u:object_r:crypt_device_t on line number 287
invalid context system_u:object_r:system_dbusd_var_run_t on line number 888

This bug report seems to cover that:


In my case removing selinux-policy-targeted and selinux-policy-targeted-
sources and rm -fR /etc/selinux/targeted and then re-installing the
1.17.30-3.9 versions of those packages got rid of the problem. It seems
that some files in the newer package weren't replacing the ones in the
older package because of some date problems.

The reinstallation and /.autorelabel fix posted earlier fixed everything for me. Now I can also see that the version is available via the RHN Alert Notification tool. Someone worked fast!

No, the problems are with the 1.17.30-3.13 versions which are newer than 1.17.30-3.9. You (or yum or up2date) are just checking a mirror which hasn't synced yet. The 1.17.30-3.13 versions will no doubt show up soon and that will cause you problems. Updating from an older version to 1.17.30-3.9 will bring back the "invalid context" errors. Your best bet right now is to do a clean install of the 1.17.30-3.9 versions of the packages in question.

Appreciate the quick response, albeit perhaps not quick enough for everyone. Erik

Actually there has been no official response on bugzilla regarding the problem at hand.

That's what I thought. I must say however, I encountered these problems on an FC3 machine. My FC4 desktop seems to be working just fine.

Best, Darren

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