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Re: Has anyone successfully updated FC3 with FC4?

On Tue, 2005-06-28 at 07:14 +0100, Paul Howarth wrote:
> > That depends on how you define "settings." Haven't you heard of /etc?
> > /usr/local? /usr/opt? (I'm sure you just forgot.)
> And /etc can't be a separate partition because single-user mode wouldn't
> work. Whether you go for an upgrade or a fresh install, there's always
> going to be work to do.

True. If there was an easy way of backing up everything important
under /etc, and merging it back into the new /etc, I'd do fresh installs
every time. Being as it is, I tend to upgrade. In fact I upgraded
yesterday using yum, and that worked surprisingly well (after a few
tries and fixed dependencies).

Speaking of backups: there's also /var, with potentially lots of
valuable stuff in www, yp, spool, etc...


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