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Re: yum - lack of features

Dan Track wrote:

Can anyone tell me why yum lacks the following ( or maybe it me):

1) Can't force a reinstall of package

yum remove package yum install package

2) Can't force a package to install if there are some minor dependencies

...because rpm --force --nodeps are great options which is the first thing someone should do if a package asks for dependencies.

yum is there as package management, it shouldnt have options to force etc, if you really do wish to take life into your own hands, then go to the yum cache dir & install the rpm via the rpm command & --nodeps
*NOT A GOOD IDEA* .. and this option should only be used by people who know what the hell their doing ... if they do not know where the yum cache dir is, or how to run this command, probably best not to do it ..

3) Can't fetch a package

Didn't yum used to have a -D switch ? (download-only style option?). ... just looked at man pages there and didn't see mension of it .. hm... strange.

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