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Re: OT: someone know about engines?

On 6/28/05, Andy Pieters <mailings vlaamse-kern com> wrote:
> On Monday 27 June 2005 23:09, Dotan Cohen wrote:
> > You probably ruined the cylinder walls. What type of twostroke? One
> > piston? Hand crank? What happens when you crack/pull it? See any
> > smoke? How hot did it get?
> I took everything appart except the cylinder.  I think it can't create a
> vacuum anymore because when put my hand in front of the intake and turn the
> weel there is no draft and no succion.
> Funny thing is, it was working but we turned it off, and five min later it
> wouldn't start any more.
> Yes, one piston, hand crank, 22,7cm3.  When I pull it I hear the 'normal'
> engine sound but there is no engine firing.  It ain't the spark plug because
> I removed it from the cyl, grounded it against the metal casing, and pulled
> the cord and I saw sparks.
> Thanks
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That's typical that you shut it down working, but can't get it back
up. They don't ever stop working when they're running! My guess is
that once the thing cools down, all the su[per hot metal warps, so
seals do not seal, etc... That is especially true in a 2 stroke with
no valves...

I saw that someone suggested on list that the piston or rod is stuck.
It's not- fact that you can crank it proves that it is not. And no
wonder that you got no vacuum after removing the head. You have to put
that thing on carefully with a gasket to get vacuum.

You're going to have to measure the wall and the piston. If you'r not
experienced, then it would be cheaper for you to take it to a machine
shop rather than do it yourself. If you have a spare piston, than you
can CAREFULLY clean up the wall with a tool (I dont know how to call
it in English) that is made for the purpose. You spin it around in a
drill and go up and down- the guy who sells it to you will tell you
how. Don't reuse the old piston without checking it. You can look at
the crack bearings to see it they're worn. You'll know.

Dotan Cohen
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