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Re: OT: someone know about engines?

On Tue, 2005-06-28 at 00:34 +0200, Andy Pieters wrote:
> On Monday 27 June 2005 23:09, Dotan Cohen wrote:
> > You probably ruined the cylinder walls. What type of twostroke? One
> > piston? Hand crank? What happens when you crack/pull it? See any
> > smoke? How hot did it get?
> I took everything appart except the cylinder.  I think it can't create a 
> vacuum anymore because when put my hand in front of the intake and turn the 
> weel there is no draft and no succion.
> Funny thing is, it was working but we turned it off, and five min later it 
> wouldn't start any more.
> Yes, one piston, hand crank, 22,7cm3.  When I pull it I hear the 'normal' 
> engine sound but there is no engine firing.  It ain't the spark plug because 
> I removed it from the cyl, grounded it against the metal casing, and pulled 
> the cord and I saw sparks.
> Thanks


What is this engine for?  

Wouldn't it be cheaper and more reliable to replace the engine and or

As stated by others, the cylinder is probably scored and/or the piston
rings shot.  You could probably hone the cylinder and replace the piston
and rings.  But that would probably cost more than the engine is worth.

It's also possible that there could be damage to the piston rod, and
main bearings.  As I understand it, the oil that is mixed with the gas
also lubricates parts within the crankcase.


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