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Re: Website/FTP Management

Jonathan Allen writes:

Hi All,

Can anyone recommend a good package for maintaining a remote website
using FTP ?  I manage several websites, keeping the 'master' on my FC3
machine - what I need is a way to have the remote website look like a
mirror of my master tree.  I looked at the 'mirror' package, but it
works exactly the other way round.

Any good recommendations ?

Unless you're using FTP over SSL, you're transmitting your login password in cleartext. That's a bit risky.

I use three ways to do something like this:

1) rsync with ssh: "rsync -a -v --delete-after" works nicely.

2) cvs with ssh.

3) A modified approach with cvs and ssh. Run a hacked cvs inside a chroot jail, with read-only access to the repository. The web server checks stuff out via cvs. To update the web site: "ssh hostname cvs update", more or less. This works only if everything on the web site is publicly accessible. You shouldn't do this if there's some stuff that should not be seen by everyone.

With cvs you get an added bonus of revision tracking.

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