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Re: Some things that used to work in FC3 but don't in FC4: device permissions

On Tue, 28 Jun 2005 12:46:55 -0400 (EDT) in
Pine SOC 4 61 0506281246370 5583 access ces clemson edu Matthew Saltzman
<mjs ces clemson edu> wrote:

> In FC3, /dev/hd* was created with permissions 660 and owner root.disk.
> In FC4, the ownser is still root.disk, but the permissions are 640
> Booting a VMware virtual machine using a raw disk requires that the
> user  running VMware have write access to the disk devices.  The
> easiest way to  accomplish that used to be to add the user to the disk
> group, but this no  longer works as it did.
> What's the recommended way to solve this problem in FC4?

You probably need to edit the console.perms file in /etc/security, but
there may be something else in selinux if you are using that.


Brian Morrison

bdm at fenrir dot org dot uk

GnuPG key ID DE32E5C5 - http://wwwkeys.uk.pgp.net/pgpnet/wwwkeys.html

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