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Re: Internet slow starting speed

Am Di, den 28.06.2005 schrieb Jacques-Andre Boulay um 18:34:

> I'm experiencing a problem when using my web browser (firefox, opera or
> konqueror) or my mail client (evolution): the internet initiating
> process is very slow.  For example, each time I enter a new url in
> firefox, its take a lot of time (7-8 sec) to load the new webpage.  On
> the other side, when I'm downloading a big file with it, the download
> speed is normal (in comparaison with windows xp) after the completion of
> the initiating process is done.
> Somebody have an idea of what I could do to solve this problem?  I know
> that rebuilding the kernel should help but is there other ways to solve
> it?

Why should a recompiled kernel help if you have not any indication what
the problem is caused from?

> JA

I guess it is the known problem with IPv6 being active. In /etc/modprobe

# Turn off IPv6
alias net-pf-10 off
alias ipv6 off

and then reboot and see if that helps.

Another thing to check is that /etc/hosts is proper and contains a valid
localhost line and an entry for your chosen hostname.


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