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Re: Internet slow starting speed

Am Di, den 28.06.2005 schrieb Jacques-Andre Boulay um 20:15:

> > Another thing to check is that /etc/hosts is proper and contains a valid
> > localhost line and an entry for your chosen hostname.
> It seems to be the root of the problem: it's better now but it's not
> perfect.  I don't know if it can help but I just realize that one month
> ago I added a router between my computer and my primary gateway so I can
> also connect my xbox.  I really don't use linux often recently and
> windows seems not having problem with it so that's why I forget about
> it.  

You mean you have a "router" in between or a switch?

> Also, can you tell me if the way I proceed to know my dns address is ok
> (I'm really not an expert with network stuff)?  At first, I check the
> hosts file and the address was  To know what is my real dns
> address, I use my web browser on windows and login on my primary gateway
> to find it.  I find 2 address but only the second seems to have an
> effect in /etc/hosts. you mean and not

Your gateway is a small hardware router? Does it act as a DHCP server
for the Fedora host? What is the content of /etc/resolv.conf on your
Fedora host? Does it have the same DNS settings as the Windows® host?

Maybe the output of following command is helpful:

$ dig www.google.com +trace

You can modify it a bit: first run it with the DNS IP listed first in

$ dig www.google.com +trace @<DNS 1st server>

and then with the second

$ dig www.google.com +trace @<DNS 2st server>

Then compare the runtimes for nameresolution.

> Thanks
> JA

$ cat /etc/hosts
# Do not remove the following line, or various programs
# that require network functionality will fail.               localhost.localdomain localhost             serendipity.dogma.lan serendipity

That is for example the content of my hosts file. The first line is
important for the localhost (loopback) processing. The other line maps
my hostname in long and short format to my host's IP.


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