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Re: Website/FTP Management

Scot L. Harris wrote:
On Tue, 2005-06-28 at 04:35, Jonathan Allen wrote:

Hi All,

Can anyone recommend a good package for maintaining a remote website
using FTP ?  I manage several websites, keeping the 'master' on my FC3
machine - what I need is a way to have the remote website look like a
mirror of my master tree.  I looked at the 'mirror' package, but it
works exactly the other way round.

Any good recommendations ?


Are you looking for something like quanta?  Quanta allows you to publish
your web site via ftp.  If you change a page it will only upload the
changed pages not the whole site.

Most of the other html editors will also do the same thing.  I believe
NVU, bluefish both have this feature as well.

I will second this as a handy tool.

I would like to use ssh to upload but that isn't an option with the server as it is Windows and the settings keep getting changed and the system admin doesn't even know why or how. Go figure.

Robin Laing

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