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Re: Setting time zone


Here is a short howto that I put together last year if you want to adjust your timezone from the command line:

=== START ============

These are instruction for changing the timezone of a linux computer from the command line. You must have root privileges.

In order to get the particular zone you wish you must locate and record the path of the file within the directory /usr/share/zoneinfo/ that has the filename which best describes the desired timezone. Some common examples which you may use are:


Next Vi the file /etc/sysconfig/clock. It will look something like this:


Set the ZONE variable to the file path you selected, leaving off the path root of “/usr/share/zoneinfo/”. Leave UTC set to true, it should only be set to false on dual boot machines with Windows installed. The ARC option is relevant to Alpha machines only, should be set to false here. It indicates the ARC console's 42-year time offset is in effect. If not set to true, the normal Unix epoch is assumed. Save and exit out of Vi.

Now you need to link the file /etc/localtime to the selected zoneinfo file:

[root ctpview]# ln -sf /usr/share/zoneinfo/America/New_York /etc/localtime

The last step is to reboot the server:

    [root ctpview]# shutdown -r now

You can check the new settings with:

    [root ctpview]# date
    Fri Apr  8 09:50:49 EDT 2005

== END ============


Truls Gulbrandsen wrote:

can someone please assist me in setting the correct time zone.


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