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Re: Internet slow starting speed

Am Di, den 28.06.2005 schrieb Jacques-Andre Boulay um 22:52:

> > $ dig www.google.com +trace @
> > 
> > If you query this way, does it resolve faster then? Or try following
> > 
> > dig www.google.com +trace @
> No, same response time!


> > Got the last DNS IP from "$ host -t ns bellnexxia.net".
> bellnexxia.net name server ns4.bellglobal.com.

You misunderstood me here. I just wanted to tell you where I got the IP
from which you should try running dig.

> > And a last question: You didn't say that clearly, but browsing with your
> > Windows® client is as slow regarding response time. I guess so.
> No, that's what is strange: it's really faster...

Ok, that is an important fact. It tells us that the problem is not with
the remote DNS server but within your on local network.
Did you compare the TCP settings your Windows® host has with the
settings of your Fedora box?
You may too run following:

a) in one terminal as root run:
tcpdump -X -i eth0 port 53

b) in another terminal run as normal user:
dig www.google.com +trace @

The output of the tcpdump command will hopefully show us where the
problem is.


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