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Re: "Updating" i386 to x86_64

--On Tuesday, June 28, 2005 8:04 AM -0500 Jonathan Berry <berryja gmail com> wrote:

You should do a fresh install.  If you have done any configuration
already, you can backup the files you have changed and restore them as
needed.  I don't think there is any ability to "upgrade" from 32-bit
to 64-bit as there are too many differences.  Even if you could, there
would be major problems afterwards if some 32-bit files were left
lying around in the wrong place.  Since you just did a fresh install
anyway, is there a reason you want to upgrade?  Again, just do a fresh

Thanks, I was afraid of that, for a short while anyway. I've now decided to repartition and squeeze the existing root partition to fit a second ext3 containing a 2nd copy of the OS with the other architecture. That way I can switch back and forth and develop on both. (I'm doing some game development and would like to see the client work on both architectures.)

Now I have to look up how to resize the partition. I probably can't do it on the root partition so I may have to grab a "live CD" and do it with that. System currently has 3 primaries, WinXP64, FC4, and swap. (For some reason the FC4 installer didn't give me the option to put it an extended partition.)

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