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Re: Managing a server's resources

Am Di, den 28.06.2005 schrieb Belmin Fernandez um 23:34:

> I was wondering if anyone could give me tips on managing a server's
> resource. Things like:
> a) I use my linux server as a rotuer. How can I tell if I'm getting an
> unusual amount of traffic from a specific client? Any applications I
> should take a look at that might help me? Maybe some built in commands
> that chart information like these?
> b) I use the 'top' command to see if a program is stuck or something.
> Is there a 'smarter' way to do this? 'ps' also does the job but I like
> top's ability to sort. Which column should I look at mainly? I look at
> the CPU time one (I think that's what it was not near the computer).
> c) Any other tips that relate to this subject from you linux pros out
> there will be appreciated!!

I like to use graphical tools which are easy and quick to be observed
through a web server. Tools like zabbix, cacti or hotsanic


You quickly see if something unusual happens and you can start running
specific tools on the console to check whats going on, like ps, top,
netstat, iptraf, vmstat.


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