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FC4 boot hangs on SATA drive


We just got a couple of new machines here that I am tasked with setting
up to be internal servers. Each has only a single SATA hard drive for

I install FC4, which goes without incident. Reboot after install, and
the boot process stops cold at "GRUB loading stage 2..." message. I can
boot from the rescue CD and peruse the installed volumes with no

I've searched and found probably a hundred questions online regarding
similar symptoms. (Most pre-FC4, and most having some element of
dual-booting (I'm not dual-booting).) None have suggested anything that
has helped.

At this point I don't know what else to do. I can post the contents of
any config file or the output of any program - I just need to know where
to start. What I don't want to do is hand these SATA drives back to my
boss and tell him to save them for some WinXP install because I can't
use them with Linux!

Thanks, all

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