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Re: Kudo's again to the Fedora Team

I'll agree I have done two upgrades on two seperate pieces of hardware without problems.  Well only problems that I created myself! ;-)

On 6/28/05, Ted Kaczmarek <tedkaz optonline net > wrote:
On Tue, 2005-06-28 at 13:43 +0100, Timothy Murphy wrote:
> Ted Kaczmarek wrote:
> > Finished my yum upgrade yesterday and FC4 is another great leap forward.
> > Only issue I had was I needed to upgrade minitrd from FC3 version to FC4
> > version, otherwise the yum upgrade faq was right on.
> >
> > Thanks out to the whole team for making computing so enjoyable.
> Sadly I have to disagree.
> I have upgraded from FC-3 to FC-4 on 5 rather different computers,
> and had serious problems on 3 of the 5,
> and a lesser problem on a fourth (with the x86_64 distribution).
> My experience is that Fedora is getting worse from this point of view -
> ability to upgrade or install - not better.
> My latest problem was with a Sony Picturebook C1VFK.
> I started to upgrade using CDs, duly checked.
> I gave the magic command "linux text ide1=0x180,0x386"
> as advised in the Release Notes.
> (Well, I had to add the "text" because when I tried
> using the standard graphics installation
> the bottom of the pages did not appear on my (small) screen,
> and there did not appear to be any way to get to them.)
> In any case, the above command allowed me to boot from CD#1,
> and to start the upgrade from this CD.
> However, the installation bombed out when the time came
> to put in CD#2.
> This left the machine in a fairly unusable state.
> Fortunately I was able to use "yum update"
> to install the rest of the distribution.
> (This took 9 hours.)
> I like Fedora once it is installed and running.
> But why oh why can't the Anaconda team
> look at the other Linux distributions,
> and see what it is they are doing right
> and Anaconda is doing wrong?
> I've filed bugzillas about the problems I've encountered
> over the years with Fedora,
> but never had the impression anyone felt it was their job
> to try to get Fedora working on different machines.
> I've actually been told on several occasions
> that my problem is that I am using "non-standard" hardware.
> I have to admit that one thing does now work on my Picturebook
> which hasn't worked for a year or more -
> the latest version of X (xorg-x11) has corrected a bug
> which prevented it running on this machine.
> There has been a patch available for a couple of years,
> and I've had to re-compile X with the patch included, until now,
> despite myself and others pointing out in bugzillas and elsewhere
> that it was necessary to apply this (tiny) patch.
I had no major issues other than needed a new version of mkinitrd on my
tyan 2462 smp mobo and my sager laptop upgraded like a breeze. Yum is a
most wonderful tool :-)


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