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Re: FC4: Language problem with folders names

Am Mi, den 29.06.2005 schrieb Ahmed Abdel-Aliem um 1:34:

> I have FC4 installed, and i have a problem displaying Folders which
> thier names is written in arabic language, they appear like
> ??????????????????????? when i view them, just question marks.
> in installation i added the arabic language, and i can write and read
> arabic easily in chat and browser, and i can create new folders with
> arabic names and it displays ok but only on linux partitions,
> the problem is with the folders that are on my fat32 partition i can't
> view thier names or create new folders with arabic names,
> can anyone tell me how to solve this so i can read the folder names correctly, 

> Ahmed Abdel-Aliem

You need to mount a vfat (fat32) with a codepage option - see man mount.

Following page might be helpful. I don't know which codepage you


[google search:


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