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Re: Setting up a microphone

On Wed, 2005-06-29 at 00:08 +0100, Angus Leeming wrote:
> It turns out that the thing is connected up, but is incredibly muted. I've
> really cranked up igain:
> $ aumix -q
> vol 100, 100, P
> pcm 71, 71
> speaker 0, 0
> line 0, 0, P
> mic 90, 90, R
> cd 0, 0, P
> igain 80, 80
> line1 0, 0, P
> dig1 100, 100
> phin 0, 0, P
> phout 0, 0, P
> video 0, 0, P

igain is the one that matters. Does it get better if you bring that up
to 100? Also, you may want to mute mic, this only feeds the microphone
input straight to the output. This could create a feedback loop which
the sound card may try to suppress (although I doubt most soundcards
would be that advanced).

Also, cheap PC microphones are usually electret condenser mics that
require power supply from the soundcard. Not all soundcards provide
that. Sometimes only the microphone socket at the rear is powered but
the front socket isn't (like on my PC). Since it works under Win, maybe
the soundcard wants to be told by the driver to turn on microphone
power? Just guessing here...


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