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Re: Setting up a microphone

Steffen Kluge wrote:
> On Wed, 2005-06-29 at 00:08 +0100, Angus Leeming wrote:
>> It turns out that the thing is connected up, but is incredibly muted.
>> I've really cranked up igain:

> igain is the one that matters. Does it get better if you bring that up
> to 100? Also, you may want to mute mic, this only feeds the microphone
> input straight to the output. This could create a feedback loop which
> the sound card may try to suppress (although I doubt most soundcards
> would be that advanced).

Thanks for the suggestion, but the result is unchanged.

> Also, cheap PC microphones are usually electret condenser mics that
> require power supply from the soundcard. Not all soundcards provide
> that. Sometimes only the microphone socket at the rear is powered but
> the front socket isn't (like on my PC). Since it works under Win, maybe
> the soundcard wants to be told by the driver to turn on microphone
> power? Just guessing here...

It sounds plausible though. If only I knew how...

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