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Re: 'Nuther one

From: "Ted Kaczmarek" <tedkaz optonline net>

> On Tue, 2005-06-28 at 18:18 -0700, jdow wrote:
> > I'd look this up but the fedora site is down at the moment.
> > Maybe someone has a quick answer or two.
> >
> > <whine>I need the good old fashioned kernel source RPM. Not the old
> > .src.rpm that plays in the /usr/src/RPMS pig-pen. I want the real
> > source so I can go in and hack a little. (Last email I mentioned
> > AmigaDOS. I have some SCSI disks I connect to the Linux box. They
> > provide me with access to my old AmigaDOS filesystems. Um, I need
> > to perform some small kernel hacks to make this work.)
> >
> > So is the old kernel-source type archive available? And if now who is
> > the bonehead who decided they would not exist. If I know who then if
> > I ever see him I can issue 42 lashes with a wet noodle on his bare
> > cranium as a clue-stick.
> >
> > {^_-}
> >
> cat "*.src.rpm" | rpm2cpio | pax -r

Sheesh, Ted, you could have warned me to "cd temp" first.
Now to clean up the mess. Oy!


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