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Re: 'Nuther one

jdow writes:

That does not give me what I want, anyway. It gives me all the patches
and such. It doesn't give me the ready to compile patched source ready
to compile if I pull in the appropriate .config file from the configs
directory that used to be a nice feature of the kernel-source archives.

Speaking in general terms, to get what you want all you need to do is run “rpmbuild -bp” on the .src.rpm. Theoretically you should end up with a source tree just waiting to be 'maked'. “rpmbuild -bp” should also include running the autoconf ./configure script if the package has one (most do).

But that's only true if you live in a perfect world where all packages are
prepared according to the documented guidelines.

But we don't live in a perfect world.  Unless things have changed recently
-- which I doubt -- the kernel package is not exactly receptive for this.
The build process is somewhat haphazard.  Some of it is due to RPM's quirky
handling of multirach builds.  And some of it is due to the way the kernel
RPM does the packaging, which I think could be improved for maintainability

I think you're better off taking the .src.rpm, then hacking the build script
up until the point it finishes playing with the source tree, and runs
BuildKernel().  Stop things right there, and take the snapshot of the source

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