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Re: gcj and Suns jdk on fc4

Olaf Mueller wrote:


ok, seems to me that nobody really uses gcj for learning java or for
develop java applications under fc4. Now I have removed gcj from fc4
and simply installed Suns jdk as rpm. That works great so far.


> what is the best way to use libgcj-4.0.0-8 and
> jdk-1_5_0_04-linux-i586 from Sun on the same fc4 system?
> Is it to leave the already installed gcj on fc4 untouched and simply
> installing Suns rpm too, which then will be installed
> under /usr/java/jdk1.5.0_04? Or is there a better way on using gcj
> and Suns jdk side by side on fc4?
> I have to learn the java language for my study and I will do this
> with gcj, but I also have to use Java Swing and therefor I thing I
> have to use Suns jdk1.5.0_04. So before making a mistake and breaking
> dependences on my fc4 system, I hope someone will explain me how to
> manage this in proper style.
> Another question is should I use a /etc/yum.repos.d/jpackage.repo
> file with mirrorlist=http://www.jpackage.org/jpackage_fedora-4.txt in
> it to update my java packages under fc4 or is this update process
> done by the already installed /etc/yum.repos.d/fedora*.repo files?
> thanks
> Olaf

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