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Re: yum - lack of features

Scott Talbot wrote:

i agree with you paul. mmm, yum is still slow :(

If you really want to see how fast yum is, Download the packages you want, install them with rpm -Uvh, go find the dependencies, install with rpm -Uvh *, download more dependencies..... Boy, yum is great! :-)

I maintain several machines remotely: several debian. one FC3.

Debian, of course, uses apt-get, and apt get supports download-only. So I run a nightly cronjob to download needed updates.

Yum only supports download-and-install. I have the clear impression that yum is slower than apt-get even without having to wait for downloads to occur, but as it stands and without making allowances, yum is way slower.

And worse, more of FC's packages get updates than Debian's, and I don't think it's entirely because I happen to have more installed on FC3 than on any of the Debian systems.



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