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Re: FC4 good new tech, bad legacy support

Richard Kelsch wrote:
Ok people, I'm not trying to be a bummer here, so please read this as if

Why did you "reply" instead of "write?" Threaded email clients (and archiving tools) will hide this in the "downgrading PHP" thread.

it was meant to entertain, not insult. Think of me as a whining comic. However, there is a seriousness to the root of this message:

However, I noticed after I started installing software I needed (gzipped sourcem CPAN modules etc.), it's not very compatible with older "legacy" software. In fact, as a rule, getting software not in the "core", "extras", or "freshrpms" trees to work is a royal pain in the fanny.

Well, you should read up on what FC is for. It's for testing; if you don't like the bleeding edge, get off it. Use a RHEL clone (or even RHEL), or 'drake or SuSe or Ubuntu or something.

I'm running FC3 on a couple of relatively unimportant systems. I'd not bet my business on it.



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