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Re: java

Eric Tanguy wrote:
Le mercredi 29 juin 2005 à 10:58 +0100, Paul Howarth a écrit :

Eric Tanguy wrote:

When i installed java-1.5.0-sun-plugin- the link
is created in /usr/lib/mozilla-1.7.8/plugins/ and i have to copy it
manually to /usr/lib/firefox-1.0.4/plugins/. Why this link is not
created at the right place ?

The trigger script in the java-1.5.0-sun-plugin package that is intended to set up this link tries to figure out where to put the link by searching for the definition of MOZ_DIST_BIN in /usr/bin/firefox. However, in the FC4 firefox, MOZ_DIST_BIN is specified as:

rather than

and the script doesn't know how to handle that. This is probably worth bringing up with the people at jpackage.

So how to change that ? have we to modify the firefox package ? May be it will be better to put the plugins in /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins which seems to be used by firefox (with no version dependance) and mozilla ?

That seems reasonable to me but there may be a good reason why it's not done by default.

What needs fixing is the spec file for the jpackage java package so that if MOZ_DIST_BIN comes back as "$MOZ_LIB_DIR/firefox-1.0.4" then it goes back and looks to see what MOZ_LIB_DIR is (using the same method as for finding MOZ_DIST_BIN) and substitues that. Not terribly difficult.


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