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Internet access controled by user/protocol


I have a MS ISA Server in my network which is used solely for
controlling Internet access. For Windows workstations, it has an
installable client that transparently authenticates users with the
server using their Active Directory credentials, given when logging on.
I'm migrating several machines in the network to linux, and would like a
similar solution to control Internet access for linux clients. I've read
about squid authenticating against an LDAP base, but only for HTTP
access. Is there a linux based solution for controlling Internet access
by user and by protocol? For example, I want it to be possible to
configure it so that groupA would have access to POP3, SMTP, and HTTP,
groupB would have access to MSN, FTP and a HTTP for a given group of
domains, and so on.
I was studying nufw (www.nufw.org), which seemed to solve my problem
using an iptables module, but this site has been off-line for several
weeks now :(
If possible, I would like a linux based solution that would authenticate
linux and windows users against an LDAP base (such as MS AD) and allow
me to create filters based on LDAP users and groups. Or, at least, a way
to configure linux to authenticate in MS ISA Server.



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