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Re: how to fix fstab from fskck on bootup

Dan Track wrote:


I've lost a partition, and now when fc4 boots up it asks me to fsck
it, even though its not there. I would like to remove the label from
fstab, but it won't let me because the filesystem is mounted as
read-only. In addition I don't have a cdrom or floppy attached to the
server. Is there a way for me to fix this.

Any help would be appreciated.

Assuming that you didn't setup your filesystem to be read-only, boot into single user, by hitting the "a" key in the grub screen, and pressing "1", followed by <enter> and "b". when you get to the # prompt you should be able to edit your fstab with vi or such ( don't rely on everything you usually have to be accessible in single user mode. you only have access to / partition and /boot iirc, so if you have separate /usr /home etc. those will not be mounted.



Many Thanks

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