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Restarting the mouse after KVM switch

Hi list,
We have two computers here at home, so I set up a KVM. Sometimes when
switching back to the FC4 machine (Duron 1.3gHz, 512 ram) The mouse
does not work, but the keyboard does. What to restart to re-enable the
mouse? I would rather not restart X because there is usually work open
on the desktop.

The fault may be with the KVM because the WinXP box also loses the
mouse sometimes when switching. But restarting the machine (either of
them) always gets the mouse back. I believe, in keeping with popular
linux theory, that there is something that I can do to avoid
restarting FC4.

Er, OT: does anyone know what to do in windows to get the mouse back?
I acually haven't researched that yet, as I am not familiar with any
resources for windows users (other than google).

Dotan Cohen
Osbourne, Ozzy Song Lyrics

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