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FC4 + SyncMaster 171S + intel 815 card problems

Hello all,

I've just replaced my monitor to a SyncMaster 171S LCD one and upgraded my box to FC4.
Although it is properly detected it does not work well. If I am to use the 1280x1024 resolution, which is the standard for this monitor, I have the picture fiting perfectly but I also have vertical lines as it seems the frequency is not ok. Well, the monitor is 1280x1024 at 60Hz with horizontal frequency of 30-81 KHz and Vertical frequency of 56~76 Hz. I've tried to mess with X config file as well but I still have the same problem. If I try a better resolution say 1400x1050 the lines are no longer there but the monitor image does not fit the screen verticaly and there is no way on this monitor to change the vertical size, only the horizontal.

I have another computer, a Presario 6000, with the same SyncMaster 171S monitor and a S3 ProSavage KM133 chip. It works perfectly with 1280x1024 and the setup FC4 automaticaly chosen for it.

What shall I do with the i815 video card machine? Any ideas other than putting another card?

Thanks in advance,


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