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Re: VI vs VIM and why won't it update...

Randall Shaw wrote:
> FC3.i386

> Ok... So it DID install, but then why is there an old 'vi' still
> lingering, and it wasn┬╣t changed with the new code?

/bin/vi will always act like the old "vi".

> I guess I am confused by this program and how it is supposed to be
> installed. I would have figured yum put the files in the right place, and
> adjust what needed to be adjusted for it to work as expected.

I would guess that you didn't logout after installing vim-enhanced.  The
magic happens via the /etc/profile.d/vim.* files that are installed as
part of vim-enhanced.  They add an alias into the shell so that typing
"vi" actually runs vim.

> Or, worst yet...
> Retrain
> my fingers to type "vim" instead of "vi" ?? OMG NO!

I've actually done that recently, that way even if I'm doing something
that would not have the alias (using su or sudo in some cases) I still get
vim rather than vi.  It also helps if you need to use other distros that
may or may not have an alias for you.

William Hooper

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