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Re: Missing Harddrives

Go into the setup program and see if the BIOS has a setting for the drives.  It probably has a choice of either 'RAID' or SCSI but not both. If you have a regular rack type drive with built in RAID (even two drives as a mirror) then it will have to be set to RAID. 

THEN when you have it set in the BIOS, you have to go in and create the RAID (1 or 5 most likely) and tell it where to start and where to stop.   IOW if you were doing mirroring you tell it to start at disk zero and go to disk one for example.  

After that you should initialize the drive.  If you don't initialize the RAID, it is still not quite usable since the OS has to be able to read and write to the disk and the motherboard has to know what to do with the card - do I ignore the card or obey the card? 

After that try your install.  It should come up and with any luck find the driver.  If for some reason you are missing your RAID driver, you might have to get the DELL disk for that which sets it up for you.  I just set up a server and thought I needed it, but my version of Red Hat didn't have a problem since it used the 'megaraid' driver.   I would bet you won't have a problem with it either when you get to that point.


On 6/29/05, Fredric Johansson <johansson_fredric hotmail com> wrote:

Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2005 19:10:21 +0100

Akbar Ali wrote:

> Hey. I' sent an email to the list, but I must have sent it to the
> wrong address or something.
> I' just got a DELL SC1425 server, and am trying to run fedora core 3,
> but it's telling me I have a missing hard-drive. any of all run into
> this and/or know how to fix it.
> The drives are SCSI

How exactly does it tell you this?
Do you get a panic?
Does the kernel hang?
If so what is the last message?

Timothy Murphy

If it is when you try to install FC3 it could be that the CD doesn´t have the drivers for it. I had a similar problem on my dell with sata-drives. Maybe you could try with FC4. it should have the right drivers but I don´t know


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