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Re: Firewall?

Am Mi, den 29.06.2005 schrieb Rakotomandimby (R12y) Mihamina um 20:23:

> "Yong Chu Eu ()" <ceyong gmail com> :
> > Firewall 
> > within fedora is enought to secure my fedora box?
> No.
> You also need to secure your scripts, your filesystem permissions, your
> server configuration, and so on... Security is not only about firewalling.

And not to forget the human factor. The OP writes he wants to do online
banking. It is then very important to have an open eye. Actually there
are many attempts to do social reverse-engineering, called phishing. So
never ever enter your banking data into a web form just because you got
a mail to do so! Your bank wouldn't call you to do so. And do not follow
links in mails which seem to direct to your bank's page. The target is a
faked page to claim your personal data when a phisher did send you the
mail. Some "bad boys" work with framing techniques to let you think you
visit your bank's page while you do not.
This all are examples for something a firewall can not protect you
against. An email scanner for virus like ClamAV (in Fedora Extras) can
protect you against phishing mails. Nonetheless, rise up your firewall
as best as you can. It will help you to be a harder target for
attackers. Use SELinux too.


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