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Re: [FC3] kernel panic after selinux-policy-targeted update

On 6/29/05, Martín Marqués <martin bugs unl edu ar> wrote:
> Non sense. If you are upgrading the kernel you have to reboot. Else, you
> should be reading Linux uin a nut shell. :-D

The current yum service does not inform the administrator when a new
kernel update is installed.  The entire point of automatic updates is
to avoid user intervention.  Most folks probably had their systems
configured to install updates automatically, got the new kernel
installed, and did not reboot -- unaware that it was necessary.

Perhaps the yum service can be modified to notify the administrator if
any packages are updated that require a reboot or at least any package
containing the string "^kernel-*".  Another option would be to add yum
log monitoring functionality to the logwatch(1) package that would
notify the user of any updates that have been applied either since the
last time the utility was run or that have been applied in the last 24
hours.  I do not think it is reasonable to expect the user to manually
check /var/log/yum.log every day when the system has utilities already
for pointing out the "important bits" from the system logs.


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