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install FC4, autopartition?

I'm doing a clean install of FC4 (bye-bye FC2) and was
wondering of the pro/con's of letting it autopartition
or using disk druid to put the filesystems into their
own partitions (as I've always done in the past). 
1. Don't have to guess at partition sizes and do
install multiple times till I get darn /usr big
enough. (have an old 10G disk, sorry)
2. Have access to everything in single-user mode?
3. Don't have to worry about hitting partition limit.

1. Rogue app that consumes disk will take me down (but
what are the odds?)
2. File access a tiny bit slower marching thru a
bigger superblock? (do I care?)

Also, an Anaconda issue (?), I can complete an install
when doing autopartition & workstation but when I
attempt disk druid & select packages, I get some
window with a bunch of error messages, regarding some
disk partition (sorry didn't write it down), the
screen has a write to floppy option but when I click
it the system just blanks the screen and hangs (yes,
there's a formatted floppy in there). 

Next, I'll try autopartition & select packages.

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