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Re: Internet slow starting speed

Am Mi, den 29.06.2005 schrieb Jacques-André Boulay um 17:53:

> Alexander,
> First I want to say that I really appreciate your intensive help: thanks!
> Finally, could you tell me if the tcpdump output give us more clues about the problem?

> JA

A bit difficult to read the tcpdump due to the formatting inside the
mail. Whats to be seen several time is a nearly 5 seconds delay when it
comes to

IP > nscsim13.bellnexxia.net.domain:

(port numbers are examples; it is always connection of your LAN IP to
the ISP's DNS server on port 53)

Can you please post the output of the files /etc/hosts, /etc/resolv.conf
and /etc/host.conf?


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