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Some thoughts for the future

Since Fedora is supposed to be "bleeding-edge," I have thought of a few things that may be cool for the future, not just for Fedora but Linux in general:

* How about the ability to install via SRPMS for the specific CPU platform I'm using? In other words, as an advanced install option, allow me to have the installer use the SRPMS instead of the precompiled RPMS, and allow me to define the compiler optimizations for CPU etc. That would be cool. Ok, a slow install, but this isn't a production OS, so why not? I hate having an Athlon-XP running code optimized for a P4. Sure, an install could take days, but it would be an option I'd use. Why? Because I can and it's certainly bleeding-edge.

* How about the ability to clone the configured and working version on my hardrive to be burned on a DVD (dual layer and blue beam makes this possible) for easy portability?

*  Someone needs to make X more display hardware friendly.

* Gnome and KDE are nice and such, but even Apple knew how to exploit the display hardware to make a cool interface. So much so that MS is trying to copy and "improve" it for their next release. There's more to a gui now days than skinning. Fedora needs a cooler looking GUI.

* Better documentation of changes that could result in problems with legacy software, and techniques on how to fix them, instead of the usual "we took [this] out" without further explanation.

Can you immagine a day when the Fedora List has nothing but praise instead of a plethora of problems? One can dream....


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