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Re: Can't find existing Fedora on FC3>FC4 upgrade

Andy Schlei wrote:


Jim Cornette wrote:

Sorry to answer again (or question)

I checked bugzilla for entries against FC4 and test versions before FC4 was released. I have experienced the problem myself. Anyway, since you want to upgrade vs. doing a reinstallation, filing a bug report against anaconda. The saying that it isn't a bug unless someone reports it might be true here. I should have filed a bug report against it myself. Now that someone else has seen the problem, it seems more than just something happened at one point in the development phase.

I still have the disk that contains the LVM installation. It is in FC4test2 condition or whenever yum went down due to sql-lile or something. You have my curiousity up now.

Regarding other options, you could download and install the fedora release package from a mirror. This will install the repos and other information needed for the FC4 release. In /etc/yum.repos.d there will be files for the repos tagged on the end with rpmnew. These files are what your repos listings should be changed to. Rename your current .repo files to .repo.old - rename the fedora.repo.rpmnew files to not include the .rpmnew appending of name. Then you could try running yum update to get your system up to FC4. As far as I recall, only a few packages were needed after trying the installer later on my system. The below packages were upgraded after I did as mentioned above. Upgrade the fedora-release package and remove the .rpmnew apending from the repo files.

This is what packages you might be missing out on using the yum method.

Upgrading firefox-1.0.4-4.i386. Upgrading cman-kernel- Upgrading dlm-kernel- Upgrading comps-4-0.20050606.i386.

I'll swap disks to see if the installation on the LVM fails to be recognized during the install attempt shortly.

When you file a bug report, you might be able to pose your question as to what the installer uses to detect previous installations.



This is very helpful. If I have time later this week I might try to the YUM approach, and I'll definitely file a bug. I appreciate the help. I really want to avoid a re-installation (too much time on config files invested and I'm lazy and don't want to do them again). So the YUM approach looks good.



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