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Re: [SOLVED] esdplay sound problem on FC4

Anand Buddhdev wrote:

Good {morning,afternoon,evening},

I installed FC4 on my computer a few days ago. Previously, the computer had FC3 on it, and sound worked perfectly. Now I have a strange problem with FC4. It's a clean FC4 installation with some FreshRPMs packages.

If I play an MP3 file with totem or RealPlayer, it plays fine. If I play a WAV file with the command-line "play" command, it also works fine.

However, I noticed that if I run a game like Frozen Bubble, or Supertux, then the sound is distorted. I also have my thunderbird configured to play a WAV file when new email comes in, and whenever thunderbird plays this file, the sound is distorted, exactly like it is with the games.

After I posted here, and got no responses, I decided to look in Bugzilla (I know, I should have checked first; I apologise). It turns out that the problem is with the new esound package. Previous esound packages would resample audio to 48000 Hz, which is required for some sound chips built onto motherboards. So most WAV files, which are recorded at 44.1 kHz would sound garbled. The cleanest solution is to add '-r 48000' to the 'spwan_options' line in /etc/esd.conf. Make sure to kill any existing esd, so that a new one is started, and then any application making use of esd will play the sounds just fine.


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