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Re: Has anyone successfully updated FC3 with FC4?

Todd Cary wrote:
John et al -

I know just enough about Linux to just keep the basics running, so excuse the fundamental nature of this question:

How are the passwords handled for all of those /home dirs? Or do you do a manual copy of each user (and I do not have a list of the passwords), or did you copy the password file (after combining the shadow password file with it)?

I didn't have many, so manually setting them was a proposition.

Debian (correctly in the view of many) starts UIDs at 1000, RH at 500. That needs to be watched for if you physically take the disk or use some other method of copying that doesn't translate UIDs.

The password file can be translated by some variation of
cat /etc/passwd \
  | awk -F: \
  '/[a-z0-9]+:[\*a-z0-9$]*:[1-9][0-9][0-9][0-9]/ {print "useradd "$1}'

Note that all my user accounts on all my systems have UIDs beginning from 1000, and so that's what I'm searching for. Most F users would follow RH conventions and start at 500 so that's probably what you should search for, Alternatively, if all user homedirs are under /home, search for that instead.

If anyone wants to pick holes in my regex, go to it. But, test your expressions first: a lot that I expected to work didn't.

You can use a similar technique for copying encrypted passwords from /etc/shadow, generating usermod commands instead.

I suggest saving each to a file so you can remove junk such as nfsnobody.

For further  information
man awk
man useradd
man usermod
man 7 regex


John Summerfied wrote:


<seriously-needed pruning>

Yes, you can save you home dir direwhere and then
copy it back, but DO NOT copy back the ~/.kde
kdeirectory. Let KDE KDEate it new. Don't know
how gnome would react.

OTOH I copied ~ from RHL 7.3 to Debian (Woody) with no drama, and years later from Debian (Sarge) to FC3, again without problems.

Not the original desktop though.

I discovered email going back to when I used RHL 7.3 It must have been the original desktop.



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