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Re: Custom devices in /dev deleted on reboot

Am Do, den 30.06.2005 schrieb Richard Burgan um 2:30:

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> Using FC3 2.6.9-1.667 on i386 and am encountering the following
> problem.

You should update that kernel!
> I'm attempting to install a custom device for use with an Ethernet to
> serial port interface device (Lavalink ESL).  The install
> process compiles a loadable module, sets up a device using 'mknod
> /dev/ttyES0 c 247 0' followed by 'depmod -a'.  Everything works fine
> until I reboot.
> Upon rebooting the /dev/ttyES0 device is gone.  What can I do to fix
> this problem?

This is normal and cause by udev which populates /dev dynamically at

> Rich Burgan

Create a custom rule:




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