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Re: Newbie: Mozilla and Firefox windows "disappear" under FC3 2.6.11

Clive at Rational wrote:

  From time-to-time a Firefox or Mozilla instance
under Fedora 3 will completely "Disappear". I have
looked through various logs to try and find some error
messages - but I find nothing. I am obviously looking
in the wrong place. All I want to know at this point
is where do I look for Firefox and Mozilla error
messages? Then next time the problem occurs I will add
the messages to this thread.



This is a good general way to see what files have been changed recently:

[summer Wagtail ~]$ ls -torah | tail -rw------- 1 9.6K Jun 28 09:25 .viminfo drwx------ 2 4.0K Jun 29 01:15 .gconfd drwxr-xr-x 4 436K Jun 29 09:10 SharePrices drwx------ 2 4.0K Jun 29 13:51 .gnupg drwx------ 7 4.0K Jun 29 13:52 Mail -rw-rw-r-- 1 93 Jun 30 07:14 .fonts.cache-1 -rw------- 1 510K Jun 30 07:52 .bash_history -rw------- 1 362 Jun 30 07:53 .Xauthority drwxr-xr-x 105 12K Jun 30 07:53 . -rw-rw-r-- 1 12M Jun 30 08:53 x-log [summer Wagtail ~]$

Mine's in x.log because I used startx from a text console and put it there. You will have a different filename, but the same command will show you what it is.

On another system here, it's in a file inc ~.vnc because I am using a VNCsession.



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