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Re: Some thoughts for the future

Tim Holmes wrote:
<Tim needs to learn to trim>

2.  There needs to be better GUI options (notice I said options) for
many tasks.  I strongly prefer yum to up2date, and earlier this week
found a nice gui for that, but in general if you are not comfortable
with a CLI, linux is not going to work out too well.  I teach junior
high and high school computers, and I cannot imagine trying to teach my
junior high typing class to use the CLI just to get to an application
(yes, I know that icons can be created etc) however even that process
needs to be simplified if Linux is going to make it into mainstream.

You should take a look at Ubuntu.
Before anyone screams, note that I don't use it, but my wife and daughter do.

It has a nice GUI for software installation; I don't use it because I first learned to use the underlying apt-get, but it's there and it's easy to use.

The installer isn't much to look at, but it does the job easily and quickly.

There's only one CD to install from (use kubuntu of you want KDE), but it's a good set well-suited to most people.

After the installation, there's another 12000+ packages _built by Ubuntu folk for Ubuntu_ from which to choose.

If you want to track satellites, then this command will likely find some software for the task:
apt-cache search satellite


My final comment -- Linux (in general, Fedora in specific) is a wonderful operating system. It is great for servers and such, but it is the stated position of the linux community that their desire is to displace windows as the primary operating system. In order to do that some things will need to happen, Perhaps this thread will have the effect of opening more dialog on what must happen so that we can get to that point.

I'm not sure "the Linux community" can be said to have a view on anything:-) Probably, though, a good proportion of folk have that view.

Number one thing -- STUFF HAS TO WORK -- easily and quickly -- stability

I am writing from a Tosh laptop. I bought it second hand, with "Windows XP Professional" preinstalled.

I bought a auction, so no guarantees.

When I got it, Windows did not recognise the Internet network interface, and needed drivers for Modem, Video, touchpad, the Epson printer which I bought later, the camera I bought later etc etc.

In contrast, I booted Knoppix and the network card worked, the video worked properly, the mouse worked properly etc.

I installed FC and all those worked, the camera (sort of) worked, I plugged the printer in and a GUI popped up to configure it (and let me choose a driver as I didn't have a perfect match),

The mac beat Linux on the camera hands down, but wouldn't let me choose a printer driver so failed that.

Linux isn't perfect, but it's doing pretty well. In my experience, more "just works" in Linux than in Windows, and it even compares pretty well with OS X

Oh dear. As I was typing this, something went bereft and my laptop became unresponsive. The only app I was actually using was vncviewer to see my desktop on a remote machine, so I figured that wasn't the problem.

I logged in over the LAN and investigated. nspluginviewer was off its head and the loadaverage was past 11, still climbing.

Still, on Windows I'd not have been able to connect remotely and investigate.

As I was saying, Linux isn't perfect but I'd rather my wife and daughter use Linux than Windows, and they're content to do so.

and security take a back seat quickly when things don't work.  Even I
find myself granting more permissions on directories than should be,
just so things work --- its got to WORK

Ok -- enough of a rant -- please take this in the spirit in which it was
offered -- constructive commentary and criticism in the hopes of
building a stronger operating system




-- spambait
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