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Gedit and Chinese text

I know nothing about Chinese, but some of you do.  I'm writing a Gedit
plugin using Unicode.  My plugin wraps text for block comments in programs,
and it assumes a fixed-width font, such as Monospace.  Reading about
Unicode, I see that in a "fixed-width" font that some characters are
double-wide, and I'm wondering if I need to handle that in Gedit.

I installed ttfonts-zh_CN in an attempt to see what happens with Chinese
characters in Gedit, but I'm not sure what I learned.  I think that AR PL
Kait6iM GB is monospaced, but 7 random (double-width) chinese characters
take up 13 western characters, not 14.  They also do so in other fonts I
tried (most seemed to substitute AR PL SungtiL GB for the Chinese

Is this double-width thing real, or am I confused?

Does Gedit do it, say, if a real Chinese language installation is done?

Does it make any sense to try to handle Chinese characters?  Do
word-wrapping and Chinse go together in, say, C programming source code

If they do go together, uhh, what constitutes word breaks?  Those odd
Unicode spaces?  Any double-wide character boundary?  (Not followed by
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