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Re: FC3 core over RH9, now no BIND :(

Am Do, den 30.06.2005 schrieb John Summerfied um 4:04:

> Darryl Jones wrote:
> > Hi Guys,
> > 
> > We installed FC3 over RH9 this weekend, and now BIND isn't seeing the zone
> > files in /var/named. I did a chown named:named for all the files, made sure
> > the path was in named.conf....nothing. I replaced named.conf with a backup
> > (pre FC) copy, nothing.
> You should understand that FC is a test-bed. It's probably broken when 
> it's installed, it seems certain to break at least once before its next 
> release. Worse, it has a short life cycle.

> John

Sorry John, one hasn't to do with the other. Or you may had the
intention to reply in a different thread. Darryl upgraded from a non
Fedora distribution where no upgrade path is supported in any way and he
is confronted with a change of the default configuration of bind. I
don't see why there is need to comment that with "FC is a test-bed" and
"probably broken".


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