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Re: Wireless cards

Justin Willmert wrote:

I just found this list:
not FC4 specific but it's a place to start.

Try http://ndiswrapper.sourceforge.net/. It provides a kernel module so you can load windows drivers. It's how I got my wireless lan card to work.

Please, don't buy a card based on its working with ndiswrapper. Instead, reward those vendors who help us by providing or helping with Linux support.

A Windows driver could potentially do Bad Things to your system.

What do you do if the Windows driver's broken? What do you suppose the vendor will do? Laugh?

What about if you don't have the right kind of CPU? My PCI NICs work in my Powermacs because they have Linux drivers.

If you have a Linux driver, probably someone will listen and help.

Chipset vendors to avoid;

I have a couple of Prism54 cards that work well. Some (at least) Atheros-based cards are fine, and I note d-link is now labelling its product to indicate which use TI, which use Atheros.

I think Centrino is okay; can someone else comment?

Before I bought my first wireless card, I downloaded the Windows driver for it and inspected the contents. Some of the configuration files identify the chipset manufacturer.



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