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Re: freezing gnome operations and loss of some of the panel icons.

Richard E Miles <r godzilla comcast net> wrote:

I was playing a game of mahjonng in gnome when the dialog buttons suddenly became unresponsive. I hit the x in the main windo dialog and it said that the window was not responding and if I wanted to force a kill. I said yes and it killed the window. I then hit ctrl-alt-f1 to get back to the main login shell and noticed that sox was not responding to sound requests. I then went back to X with alt-f7 and noticed that the top panel was missing the main pulldown icon plus some others. I know the system has been updated with new panel software and am wondering if this is causing the problem. Has anyone else noticed theses kinds of things happening on their system? comments?
-- Richard E Miles Federal Way Wa. USA Registered linux user 46097

The funny thing is that I had the exact opposite behavior after installing the ATI drivers until the gnome-panel update yesterday. When I would bring up X, the panels would cover about three-fourths their typical length of the width of the screen and be blank. Nothing seemed to coax them back to life although they still would auto-hide. I ended up figuring out that killing gnome-panel so it would restart solved the problem. I was about to investigate further when the update to gnome-panel made the problem go away.


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