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Re: PXE boot disks

MW Mike Weiner (5028) wrote:
I have been down this road before, but am running into some issues. OK,
what I am trying to do is create a "boot disk" such that someone in our
data center can simply stick the disk in the floppy, reboot the server
and it will boot off of that, and begin the kickstart install. So to
that end, I have the following in my syslinux.cfg:

default linux
prompt 1
timeout 600

display snake.msg

F1 boot.msg
F2 general.msg
F3 expert.msg
F4 param.msg
F5 rescue.msg
F7 snake.msg

LABEL linux
KERNEL vmlinuz
APPEND ksdevice=eth0 console=tty0 load_ramdisk=1 prompt_ramdisk=0
initrd=initrd.img network ip=dhcp ks=nfs:

However, when it boots off of the diskette, It ends up failing
complaining that it cannot mount / nor find /tmp/ks.cfg

Any pointers?

I had all this working, but I recently had a Nasty Accident with a drive failure _and_ most of my backup useless so it's lost.

However, I've recently used a boot CD and that is way cool. Don't need to fiddle around with obscure DHCP options (though I do have those), I fiddled with the boot CD so it starts a network install without delay, and fetches a dynamically-created ks file off my server.

As soon as I detect that anaconda's running I eject and confiscate the CD. Works well, even with my systems that lack boot roms or have dodgy ones.

A refinement would be to eject the CD in %pre, or to patch anaconda to do it just before going to the network.



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